Defective plumbing and water leaks can cause problems for your operations and lead to expensive repairs. But simple checks and changes in practice can mean your equipment lasts longer and performs at a much better level, leaving you with one less thing to worry about. That’s where Honhorst comes in: planned plumbing maintenance will identify potential problem areas before they have a negative impact on day-to-day operations.

Honhorst Services understands the importance of:

Our team can help your business with all kinds of equipment, including but not limited to:

Air Compressors

Grease Traps

Sewage Ejectors

Vacuum Pumps

Lift Stations

Sump Pumps

Backflow Preventers

Recirculating Pumps

Water Meters

Water Heaters


Roof Drains

Water Booster Pumps

Domestic Hot Water Boilers

Deduct Meter

Plumbing Fixtures

Commercial Disposals

High Pressure Jetting

Mixing Valves

Storage Tanks