Community Impact

Community Impact


As a company, one of our core values is giving back. We are committed to investing into our communities and our employees. We are dedicated to for providing for those in need.

Adopt a Family

During the holidays, Honhorst Services collaborates with members of the community to sponsor families in need.
In 2021, we were able to adopt 13 families and over 36 children. Many of the children who are adopted by our team live in poverty with little access to food during winter break. Our goal is to provide them with essential items as well as quality gifts that have been personalized with the child’s wants and needs in mind.

All children receive: a pair of shoes, a winter coat, hat & gloves, a blanket, several outfits, books and at least three personalized toys and/or gifts. In addition to those items, each family receives a holiday meal, toiletries, and a variety of food items to make several meals throughout winter break.