Honhorst Services is a piping and steel fabricator serving the greater Cincinnati area for over 146 years. Our clients include several of the city’s most prominent commercial and industrial companies. We’re known for our top-quality work and unparalleled dedication, with teams on standby for 24/7 emergency repair work.


Our teams are qualified through several different nationally recognized organizations. We hold ASME “U” & “S” stamps, and a National Board “R” stamp. We have a complete quality assurance program providing you with the highest quality of workmanship to meet your specifications.

Inspections: Depending on client specifications, we have the capability to pass standard NDE/NDT procedures such at Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Magnetic Particle Testing (MT), and Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT).

Lastly, we offer 24/7 emergency repairs to ensure building operations are run smoothly. Our capabilities include:

  • Gas Piping
  • Oil Piping
  • Copper Piping
  • Threaded Piping
  • Fabrication of Spool Pieces
  • Tanks
  • Low-Pressure and
    High-Pressure Water Piping
  • Low-Pressure and
    High-Pressure Steam Piping
  • Replacement of Steam
    Expansion Joints
  • Steam Pressure
    Reducing Stations


One of Honhorst’s greatest strengths is its knowledge and experience in the steel industry. Our steel contracting gives us an extreme advantage when we are working with mechanical work and creates a seamless completion of your project.

We also complete steel contracting services for general contractors and owners. All our welders are licensed by the Local 392 to perform structural welding. Our capabilities include:

  • Structural Engineering
  • Beam/Catwalk Platforms
  • Structural Steel
  • Ladders/Handrails
  • Steel Fabrication
  • Hot Dip Galvanized Finishes
  • Cooling Tower/AC Units
  • Plasma/Torch Cutting
  • Steel Framing
  • Replacement of Steel
    Vibration Isolators

The Honhorst Fab Shop

The Honhorst’s Fabrication Shop is a full-service welding fabrication shop specializing in the design, building, installation, and repair of industrial tanks, vessels, and piping. Not looking for a tank project? The Honhorst Fab Shop can also accommodate unique custom welding projects in their 10,000+ square-foot building in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The Honhorst Advantage is also what makes them completely unique in the industry. HONHORST’s family of companies, Honhorst Services and Honhorst Fabrication provides you with everything you’ll need for a complete turnkey project including design, fabrication, delivery, installation, testing, examination, and maintenance. These services, combined with an unmatched safety record in the industry and a team of experienced and knowledgeable certified welders, make up the Honhorst Advantage.

Cut out the middleman, when it comes to designing your tank, Honhorst Fabrication can design and provide the blueprints that meet your unique certification requirements. Honhorst’s reputation for quality work and high safety standards doesn’t end in the field, in fact, it starts on the drawing board. Our knowledge of code and experience in the field bring expertise to the concept and design stage of any project.

Whether you are dealing with an emergency or performing routine maintenance, Honhorst’s road crew is ready to hit the road with their fleet of customized trucks stocked with the right tools and personnel to inspect and repair any boiler or pressure vessel situation. Our maintenance plans ensure that your tanks and boilers will remain in a safe, healthy, working state not only for your productivity but for your peace of mind.

It can be a unique welding challenge to repair or work on a heat exchanger, Honhorst Fabrication has the experience and knowledge to repair and/or install your heat exchanger.

When it comes to your boiler parts fabrication, Honhorst can accommodate just about any project. The Honhorst Fab Shop provides the highest quality fabrication of power piping for your boiler requirements. Honhorst will help you assess your needs, determine the solution, and create the piping needed to keep your boiler running efficiently.

Honhorst Fabrication specializes in all types of process piping, including chemical, utility, and sanitary. The Honhorst Fab Shop is a 10,000+ square foot shop that can accommodate the high-quality fabrication of just about any kind of piping.

Honhorst Fabrication specializes in providing quality custom welding of steel, aluminum, or stainless steel. Honhorst Fabrication services a wide range of unique projects including tank fabrication, piping accessories, catwalks, platforms, doors, stairs, racks, boxes, and much more. Fabrication and industrial coating can be completed in Honhorst’s Fab Shop. Honhorst also has a road crew that can service and work onsite in the tri-state area.

Honhorst Fabrication provides safe, high-quality structural steel welding. A turnkey solution is the Honhorst advantage, as their design and build projects are delivered and/or installed on location and are inspected and approved by an AWS D1.1 Certified Welding Inspector.

Whether your need is to install a conveyor system or industrial feeder or create sliding warehouse doors, Honhorst Fabrication provides high-quality custom mechanical welding, from design to implementation.

Honhorst’s advanced rigging team provides the means to move any material in or out of any job regardless of the unique challenges. Honhorst sets the bar when it comes to following the highest standards of safety for each rigging project, they undertake.

Honhorst Fabrication provides turnkey solutions that include delivery and installation. For more information about Honhorst’s installation services, please click here to visit the main website.

Honhorst Fabrication services can meet any industrial coating or custom paint specifications required to ensure our work is a perfect match in your facility.