Over a Century of Successfully Helping our Customers


The Jos. Honhorst Co. was founded in Cincinnati in 1876 by Joseph Honhorst, a German immigrant, as a manufacturer of steel tanks, coal and ash hoppers, elevator casings, smokestacks, boiler breechings, lathe pans, tar and asphalt kettles, surface condensers, weighing hoppers, gas conduits, factory trucks and any other kind of sheet steel work either riveted or welded. At his death in 1889, the business was handed down to his two sons Henry and Charles.

The business operated on Sixth Street in downtown Cincinnati until 1961 when it moved to its present location on Dalton Avenue. At that time Honhorst was owned by Everett Bowlin. The current owners, Industrial Reliability and Repair purchased the business in December 2019 from Lou Podraza, who had owned the company for 35 years. The company has held ASME Code stamps for fabrication and repair of pressure retaining items since 1985.

The Jos. Honhorst Co. is a member of Local Union 392 for pipefitters, plumbers, and mechanical equipment services. Recently, Honhorst has expanded their operations offering HVAC, Piping, and Plumbing services to commercial and industrial markets in the Greater Cincinnati area.